Enjoy a true classic retreat

We take care of unique places and invite people to enjoy the unspoiled nature close to the sea.

Our houses are peaceful and cozy and we are at your disposal to give you customized support. We are a canadian enterprise, which is run by canadians and austrians. The places we lease out are the ones we fell in love with. Our aim is to preserve their beauty and purity. Therefore we use them moderately. We want to welcome people who share our philosophy, people who live mindful valuing nature and beings as well as ressources.

Nova Scotia


Young Island, Canada

Nova Scotia

This is the most southeastern province of Canada.

It is situated only an hour’s flight north of Boston or about 2 hours from New York. Less than a million people share an area of 55.000 km². Most of them living in Halifax and its surrounding area. Nova Scotia’s hilly countryside with its mostly untouched woods, lakes and rivers is framed by its beautiful coastline.

Sea Activities

Nova Scotia’s ocean playground offers everything a sealoving person might look for

Sea activities: kayaking, rowing, sailing, surfing, wind and kitesurfing, diving, waterskiing and wakeboarding

The mainland offers activities such as: cycling, hiking, trips to numerous lakes or to idyllic villages as well as to historic sites in Halifax and all over the province. Halifax offers many activities regarding culture, shopping,